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By Jose Maria Sison

January 7, 2001

I wish to convey to you warmest greetings of solidarity on the occasion of your national convention. I welcome your thematic call "Advance the politics of change, fight for the people’s aspirations!"

There is an urgent need to make a fundamental criticism and condemnation of the US-dominated ruling system of big compradors and landlords and to struggle for the realization of the people’s aspirations for an independent, democratic, just, progressive and prosperous Philippines.

We must avail of and develop all forms of struggle, including the electoral struggle, in order to arouse, organize and mobilize the people along the general line of struggle for national freedom and democracy. Every form of struggle has its own significance and efficacy in this overall process of social change.

I share your hope that you will achieve the utmost success in campaigning for the national and democratic rights and interests of the people and that your efforts shall result in the victory of your list on May 14, 2001.

I am aware of the tremendous odds that you face. Unlike previous party list elections, the big reactionary parties can now compete in these. Moreover, if not convicted beforehand, Estrada will certainly cheat in the forthcoming elections to serve the selfish and malicious purposes of his clique.

You will have to conduct your struggle by appealing mainly to the toiling masses, the women and the youth, by relying on the strength of the patriotic and progressive forces and by engaging in a broad united front akin to that which has been striving to remove the US-Estrada ruling clique from power.

You have to augment your own independent strength with the cooperation of allies that recognize common interests with you, especially in areas where the strength or influence of the national-democratic movement is significant.

You have a good chance of winning the three seats for which you aspire provided that you work hard and skillfully and provided further that the most reactionary forces do not take special measures against your party.

Whatever is the outcome of your electoral struggle, in terms of seats in Congress, you shall have had the opportunity to campaign for your patriotic and progressive principles and you shall have gained experience and strength for the continuing struggle, which you must pursue even between elections.

The party machinery that you build now can be maintained and expanded even after the elections. Thus your party can strive to become one of the major parties in the country and be the mother party of subsidiary parties for the party list elections. #

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