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Intensify the Mass Movement Against the Terrorsim of the US

23 January 2003

We continue to rejoice over the resounding success of the January 18 protest mass actions (called by ANSWER, NION and other American organizations) against the impending US war of aggression against Iraq. The US cannot trifle with the 500,000 people converging on Washington DC and 200,000 on San Francisco and the hundreds of thousands likewise protesting in scores of US cities.

We are delighted to see that right within the belly of the imperialist monster the American people have begun to rise up in great numbers against the war policy of the Bush regime. They give a strong and clear message to the super-terrorist of the world that it faces resistance even within its national borders.

They inspire the people of the world to rise up in greater numbers than ever before against the impending US war of aggression against Iraq. We are confident that the mass protest actions of February 15 and the whole week of anti-war resistance from February 13 to 21 (called by the European movements) will demonstrate effectively the people’s outrage over the aggressive and terrorist character and actions of the US imperialism.

Let us expose and oppose the super-terrorism of US imperialism. The Bush administration has used the September 11, 2001 attacks as a pretext for whipping up extremely repressive and bellicose policies for the purpose of aggrandising the US oil monopolies and the military-industrial complex and preserving a world capitalist system that devours billions of people even in the absence of a shooting war.

US imperialism is the only force that has used atomic bombs to incinerate entire civilian populations. It has the largest stockpile of nuclear, biological, chemical and missile weapons of mass destruction.  And it maliciously boasts of the barbaric doctrine of first use and preemptive strike.

It has killed millions of people through so many wars of aggression as in the conquest of the Filipino people, in the Korean War, in the Vietnam War and in the recent wars against Iraq, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. In the underdeveloped countries, it has instigated puppet regimes of open terror, such as those of Chiang, Mobutu, Suharto, Park, Pinochet and Marcos, to repress and massacre millions of people.

And yet the US imperialists have the temerity to slander as terrorist the national liberation movements, governments assertive of national independence and the leaders opposed to US imperialism. Under the misleading slogan of "war on terrorism", the US imperialists seek to unleash wars of aggression against  countries, like Iraq, North Korea and Iran,  which they accuse of developing weapons of mass destruction, and threaten more countries which they accuse of harbouring "terrorists."

They allow Israel to occupy Palestine and slaughter Palestinians. They escalate US military intervention against revolutionary movements in the Philippines, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Colombia, Turkey and elsewhere. They dictate upon their imperialist allies and puppet states to adopt more repressive and racist laws and demonize as "terrorist" progressive leaders and mass movements.

It is totally absurd that the US imperialists are misrepresenting as "terrorists" the Communist Party of the Philippines, the New People’s Army and the chief political consultant of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines and are escalating their military intervention in the Philippines under the guise of "anti-terrorist operations", "joint military exercises", "civic action" and so on.

We hope that the current mass movement to stop the US war against Iraq will intensify and will continue to carry on board the issues relevant to US imperialism as super-terrorism worthy of eradication. So long as imperialism exists and carries out terrorism, the people of the world must intensify the mass movement against imperialism and fight for national liberation, democracy and socialism.#

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