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Message of Solidarity to Kabataang Maka-Bayan
on the Occasion of Its 8th Founding Anniversary

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
November 30, 2007

On behalf of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS), I wish to express warmest greetings of solidarity to Kabataang Maka-Bayan on the occasion of its 8th founding anniversary. We are proud of the development and achievements of KmB, especially because it is a founding member-organization of the ILPS and is active in the anti-imperialist and democratic struggle of the youth and the people.

We share your joy in celebrating your founding anniversary and holding the Cultural Solidarity Night under the theme: Uniting the Youth and Students for Community Action and Empowerment. We congratulate you for successfully holding the 3rd Congress of the KmB. We are aware that you were able to convene members from Los Angeles, Long Beach, Carson, the Bay Area and other places to assess the work done in 2006-2007, reevaluate governing documents, elect officers and set your General Program of Action.

We commend you for having engaged in a wide range of activities, including studies on Philippine society and revolution, the struggle for national democracy, human rights, the struggle for a just peace, the US educational system, art for the people, the US wars of aggression and the anti-war movement, the struggle for immigrant rights, the conditions that have led to the Filipino diaspora and the political persecution that that has been inflicted on the ILPS chairperson.

We commend you for the statements, educational forums, print and electronic propaganda, organizational meetings, cultural performances, pickets and mobilizations that you have carried out in connection with the burning Philippine economic and political issues, condemnation of human rights violations, protests against imperialist war, defense of immigrant rights, the rights of Filipino veterans, support for the Kabataan Party and the defense of the ILPS chairperson. We appreciate that you have engaged in alliance work and solidarity cooperation with various Filipino and American organizations.

We congratulate the newly-elected officers of KmB. We admire you and the entire membership of KmB for renewing the commitment to work in support of the movement for national liberation and democracy in the Philippines, while addressing the needs of your local community in the US and contributing what you can to international solidarity. We look forward to your greater successes by carrying out your General Program of Action. ###

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