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Joma Sison addresses Baguio students
Posted by editors under general , Baguio City , international
14 September 2008

BAGUIO CITY -- After 22 years, Professor Jose Maria Sison once again addressed students of the University of the Philippines Baguio (UPB) via video conference at a forum conducted Thursday at the UPB Bulwagang Juan Luna.

JOMA MANIA. Student activists pose with Professor Jose Maria Sison, via live video conferencing during the forum on the role of neoliberal globalization at the University of the Philippines Baguio Thursday.

The forum, The Role of Neoliberal Globalization in the Worsening Economic Crisis Of the Philippines, was hosted by The League of Filipino Students (LFS), Anakbayan, and the UPB University Student Council – Nationalist Corps and the Politically Inclined Students, with Sison as its guest speaker.

Intended to solve the issue of stagflation, Sison said, “it is a policy of deception, misrepresenting monopoly capitalism as free market capitalism.”

“No to social welfare but yes to corporate welfare. No to social spending but yes to military spending,” said Sison of the neoliberals’ slogan which caused de-nationalization of economies of underdeveloped countries such as the Philippines.

Under the administrations which conceded with the neoliberal policy, Sison said the situation of the Philippines had gone from bad to worse. “The semi-colonial and semi-feudal character of the Philippines had been aggravated and deepened,” stated Sison in his speech.

“The Philippine economy and society are plunging from one level of crisis and depression to another,” Sison exclaimed as he emphasized that the absence of national industrialization and land reform worsen the economic aspect of the country.

In the forum also commemorating the LFS’ 31st anniversary, Sison urged the Filipino students to continue the militancy and activism despite the effects of neoliberlalism and the economic crisis. Sison explained, these neoliberal policies in conjunction with government neglect raise the already high cost of education and unemployment rate in the country.

Among the panel of Reactors for the Forum were Tongtongan Ti Umili – Cordillera Peoples Alliance (TTU – CPA) Secretary-general Chie Galvez, Organisasyon iti Nakurapay Ti Umili iti Syudad – Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Ornus – Kadamay) Chairperson Ignacio Pangket and Anakbayan – Metro Baguio Deputy Secretary-general Mcfarlane Sloan Ramos to give their thoughts on the issue tackled and its effects among the different sectors of society.

As the forum ended, students expressed their gratitude and admiration to Sison, even requesting for a song number from the esteemed professor. Sison cheerfully obliged, while the students happily sang along with him. # Myko Chiong and Regienald Collado


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