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By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
6 August 2009

The International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) extends its most militant greetings of solidarity to the Lalgarh Solidarity Convention that has been organized by the Lalgarh Movement Solidarity Committee in support of the struggle of the people of Lalgarh-Jangalmahal for their livelihood and their democratic rights.

The ILPS firmly supports the just struggle of the people of Lalgarh-Jangalmahal against the pro-imperialist policies of the West Bengal government and its brutal repression of the people who are resisting such policies. The ILPS condemns "Operation Lalgarh" that is being unleashed by the West Bengal government mobilizing thousands of police and paramilitary forces against the people of Lalgarh-Jangal mahal.

The tribal people of Lalgarh-Jangalmahal have long suffered from the exploitation and oppression of the Indian ruling classes since colonial times. They have been repeatedly dispossessed of their lands and their livelihood. Now they are being brutally displaced to give way to a Special Economic Zone for big multinational corporations. Their resistance to such anti-people policies has been met with state terror.

The people of Lalgarh-Jangalmahal have not been cowed and have put up the People's Committee Against Police Atrocities to demand justice for the victims of state repression. They have formed more than 1000 village committees to strengthen their resistance. These people's committees not only take care of the defense of the communities from the incursions of the police and CPM goons, they also carry out development work for the benefit of the people.

The courageous resistance of the people of Lalgarh-Jangalmahal has inspired progressive forces from other parts of India and from all over the world to give solidarity to their just struggle. An All-India Fact Finding Team which was organized by progressive forces in June 2009 to look into the atrocities being committed by the West Bengal government was prevented from reaching Lalgarh. The members of the fact-finding team were arrested, maltreated and detained. An international team of Amnesty International was also prevented from entering Lalgarh.

The ILPS fully supports the demands of the Lalgarh Solidarity Convention:
  • Stop immediately the 'Lalgarh Operation', against the tribal people of Lalgarh-Jangal mahal and call back all police-paramilitary forces from Lalgarh and nearby areas;
  • The Central and State governments should initiate dialogue with the defiant people's movement of Lalgarh and accept their just demands;
  • Provide due compensation to the affected people due to 'Operation Lalgarh, and punish those police officials responsible for violence, rape, loot and other crimes;
  • Revoke all the cases unconditionally, which have been imposed upon the struggling people of Lalgarh and the members of the fact-finding teams;
  • Repeal the draconian Act - Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), 2008;
  • Allow fact-finding and solidarity teams and journalists to enter the areas of Lalgarh-Jangalmahal.
The ILPS calls on all its member organizations and allies around the world to extend their solidarity and support to the struggle of the tribal people in Lalgarh-Jangalmahal by sending solidarity messages, conducting information campaigns and soliciting support for the people of Lalgarh-Jangalmahal, sending out action alerts and other forms of support.

Resist imperialist globalization and plunder!
Long live the courageous resistance of the people of Lalgarh-Jangal mahal!
Long live international solidarity!

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