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Message of Solidarity
to the International Conference on the Middle East

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
24-25 March 2007

On behalf of the International League of Peoples' Struggle, I express warmest greetings of solidarity to the organizers, speakers, delegations and guests of the International Conference on the Middle East. We agree on the urgency and importance of the theme: "With the Resistance, for a Just Peace in the Middle East".

We congratulate the organizers for bringing together many activists, academics, experts and representatives of various organizations from the Middle East and other global regions. We oppose and resist US imperialism as the No. 1 aggressor and plunderer in the Middle East. We likewise oppose the terrorist collaboration of the US with Israeli Zionism and the general subordination of Europe to US hegemony in the region.

We support the resistance of the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples against US imperialism and Israeli Zionism. We condemn the Western sanctions against the Palestinian people. We demand respect for the national sovereignty and democratic decisions of the Palestinian people. We condemn the brutal invasion of Lebanon and barbaric attacks on the people by Israel with the support and encouragement of the US..

We applaud the victories of the heroic Palestinian and Lebanese peoples against Israel Zionism and its backer US imperialism. We reject all attempts of the US and other imperialists to further engage in military intervention and aggression in the Middle East through provocations and intrigues against Syria and Iraq. The more troubles the US creates in the Middle East the wider and more intense is the resistance of the people.

We support the resistance of the Iraqi people against US imperialism, its imperialist accomplices and its Iraqi puppets in the invasion and occupation of Iraq. We condemn the US war of aggression as the biggest and worst kind of terrorism in the world today. The US is culpable for war crimes, especially the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people, the massive destruction of the social infrastructure, the grabbing of oil resources and looting of the wealth of Iraq.

We admire the Iraqi people for persevering in the struggle for national liberation and salvation and striving to overcome all attempts of the US and its puppets to divide and rule them through the instigation of strife over religious, ethno-linguistic and other differences. We applaud the Iraqi people for their victories in opposing the US scheme to further dominate Middle East and control its oil and other resources. We are happy that the Iraqi people have put the US and all its accomplices in a quagmire in Iraq.

We acknowledge that the resistance of the peoples of the Middle East against US imperialism, its allies and puppets contribute to the resistance of the peoples against the same enemy in other parts of the world. Reciprocally, we assume the duty of rallying international support for the resistance of the peoples of the Middle East.

By itself, the ILPS is an international united front and movement of anti-imperialist and democratic forces. At the same time, we take a positive attitude towards any proposal or initiative to build an international anti-imperialist front in support of the peoples of the Middle East.

We are willing to unite, cooperate and coordinate with all forces that resolutely and militantly oppose the US, its imperialist allies and its local reactionary puppets. We must all work together and fight for national and social liberation against imperialism and all exploiting classes in order to realize a just peace in particular countries and in the world as a whole.###

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