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Celebrate and Reaffirm
the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples
Solidarity Message from the International League of Peoples' Struggle

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairman, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
10 December 2006

The International Coordinating Committee and all member organizations of the International League of Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) hereby express their solidarity with the International League for the Rights and Liberation of Peoples, the Lelio Basso Foundation and the Neapolitan School of the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies and join them and others in celebrating the 30th anniversary of the promulgation of the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Peoples in Algiers on July 4, 1976.

We consider this Algiers Declaration of 1976 as a solemn and inspiring document of great historic significance and continuing relevance for upholding, defending and advancing the equal right of all peoples to liberty, the right to free themselves from any foreign interference and to choose their own government, the right if they are under subjection, to fight for their liberation and the right to benefit from other peoples' assistance in their struggle.

We salute all the organizations, movements, institutions, experts, personages and all entities that affirm and reaffirm this great document as a beacon light guiding the struggle of peoples for rights and liberation. We congratulate you for your achievements in this regard. We wish that in the course of the celebration you can sum up the experience in upholding and applying the Algiers and point to the direction for future advances.

We must renew our resolve to struggle for the rights and liberation of the people in the face of the escalating oppression and exploitation of peoples. They live and struggle under worsening conditions generated by the US-directed policies of "free market" globalization and the global war of terror, which involves wars of aggression and the rise of state terrorism and fascism in the name of anti-terrorism. We confront today the malevolent phenomena of imperialism, neocolonialism and even brazen attempts at recolonizing peoples.

We wish you the utmost success in the forthcoming years. You can certainly build further on the achievements that your have accumulated through your conscientious efforts. The ILPS has common ground and common cause with you. We are prepared to cooperate with you in your forthcoming endeavors. Reciprocally, we shall invite you to our own activities serving the struggle for the rights and liberation of peoples, as contained and reflected in the 18 concerns of the ILPS. ###

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