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Message of Solidarity to the ILPS Philippine Chapter Second General Assembly

Prof. Jose Ma. Sison
Chairman, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
18 August 2006

I would like to extend my warmest and most militant greetings of solidarity to all the organizations and leaders of the ILPS Philippine Chapter on the occasion of your Second General Assembly.

The ILPS Philippine Chapter is the very first national chapter of the ILPS. Since its founding, you have advanced further the general anti-imperialist and democratic line of the ILPS in national, regional and international peoples' struggles. During the past four years, you have contributed greatly and significantly in introducing and projecting the ILPS as the rallying point of the militant anti-imperialist struggle.

A few of the brilliant successes, where you have raised and enthusiastically waved the banner of the ILPS in promoting the peoples' interest, follow:

    Performing a major role in leading workshops during the ILPS Second International Assembly
    Performing key roles in launching and holding regional and international conferences on the different ILPS concerns (Workers, Peasants, Women, Youth, Health, the Campaign against US military bases, etc)
    Participating in ILPS conferences abroad (Mumbai Resistance 2004, "Towards a Just and Lasting Peace Conference" - Vancouver 2006, Conference on Debt, Jakarta 2006)
    Performing the key role in holding the HK People's Action Week against the WTO
    Celebrating the Bandung Conference in Indonesia
    Protest actions on different national and international issues like the US war of aggression, defense of the rights of the chairman of the ILPS International Coordinating Committee and other democratic forces, opposition to the arrest and detention of Memik Horuz and Ka Crispin Beltran.
    Participation of several ILPS Philippine Chapter member-organizations in international conferences and fora (WSF 2004; Asian social Forum - 2003; Now We the People, Australia 2003, 2005; All-Cuba Conference - Chennai 2005, etc)
Outstandingly brilliant is the success of your work, in cooperation with the ILPS member-organizations in Hongkong, to give vigor to the anti-imperialist content of the Hongkong People's Action Week against the WTO in December 2005. The success achieved there, as in your other activities, springs from the objective analysis of different issues according to the general line of the ILPS of militant anti-imperialist and pro-people struggle, particularization and implementation of apt and effective forms of protest and other actions, correct tactics in strengthening our forces and building a united front in consonance with the proper identification of friends, and enemies, and the usually enthusiastic and lively but efficient and effective style of work.

From the very beginning, the ILPS Philippine Chapter and your member-organizations have served as an example of correct methods of work in mass work - untiringly arousing, intensively and broadly organizing, and militantly mobilizing the masses in a sustained manner.

Your past actions and the successes you have attained manifest the correctness and effectiveness of building the ILPS national chapter to greatly advance the anti-imperialist and democratic line of struggle, and the need for and suitability of building national and regional formations to primarily serve as centers of coordination for the ILPS member-organizations in one country or region.

The international situation is most favorable, the Philippine situation as well, for strengthening and expanding the ILPS to advance the peoples' anti-imperialist and democratic line. We must never relax in struggling against the tightening noose of exploitation by monopoly capitalism under the "neo-liberal globalization" policy, against the imposition of repression or state terrorism on the people, and against imperialist aggression and intervention in the name of "war on terror."

Chronic crisis continues to hound the world capitalist system. Just recently, the WTO Doha Round finally collapsed, clearly exposing the emptiness of the promotion of Doha Round proposals purportedly "for Third World development." So conspicuous is the reality that the WTO is an instrument of imperialist countries to squeeze the people's blood and sweat dry.

It is clear that the intensifying conflict of self-interest among imperialist powers, and more so the naked greed and arrogance of the US, are at the root of the Doha Round failure to arrive at an agreement on time. While the imperialist powers have had gains from previous agreements, the failure of the imperialists to expose weak and small, backward economies to further plunder, remains a victory for the people of the world.

However, the imperialist powers still maintains an arsenal of many ways to impose on much weaker countries the "neo-liberal" policies of deregulation, liberalization, privatization and denationalization. Hence, we have to enhance further the unity of the people and the fight against these policies.

All over the world the imperialist war of aggression and military intervention continues to be exposed as the people fight against it, especially the evil "war on terror" of US imperialism and its willing followers, like Britain and Zionist Israel. The US and Israel have been totally exposed and isolated in attacking Lebanon and Palestine and relentlessly harming civilian targets, rendering thousands dead and destroying civilian infrastructures and the livelihood of the Lebanese.

But, as in Iraq and other parts of the world, Israeli aggressors failed in the face of the courageous and effective struggle of the people of Lebanon led by Hezbollah.

Similarly, the Macapagal-Arroyo regime is fast being exposed and isolated not only in the Philippines but also in the whole world because of its evil and relentless killing of hundreds of innocent civilians, especially progressive leaders and mass activists. Its declared "all-out war against the Left" has earned severe criticism as it highlights outright puppetry and servility to US imperialists for the latter's continued support and the regime's own perpetuation in power.

You have correctly and properly aligned and are prepared for several important activities this year to advance even further the struggle against the despotic and criminal Macapagal-Arroyo regime and its aggressive and plunderous US imperialist master. During the last ICC meeting last May, the ILPS decided to call for simultaneous protest actions in the different countries worldwide against state repression in the Philippines, based on the resolution you submitted for support of the campaign to stop the political killings that the US-Arroyo regime perpetrates.

Based also on your proposal, the ICC has decided to be one of the sponsors of the Regional Conference on US Militarism and War on Terror in Asia-Pacific and launch the Regional Campaign against US Bases in Asia-Pacific. The ICC is fully confident that you can hold these conferences successfully, as well as the planned big protest actions like the People's Caravans in connection with the ASEAN Summit this coming December 2006.

We also hope for the successful launching of the ILPS East Asia Consultative Conference in December towards the establishment of the ILPS East Asia Coordinating Committee. Having a national chapter in the Philippines, the many active member-organizations of the ILPS Hongkong, as well as several member-organizations in Malaysia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Australia and new Zealand, is a good foundation for the establishment of the East Asia Coordinating Committee and to further enhance ILPS work in this region.

So, we are hoping as well that you can give due attention to the calls on making the study commissions work, considering that a majority are led by member-organizations of the ILPS Philippine Chapter. Also, on confronting financial matters and determining measures to solve concomittant problems. We in the ICC always trust that you will further strengthen your ranks and effectively use various means to gather resources for the struggle.




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