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Message to the Iraqi People and the Iraqi Resistance

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples" Struggle
7 April 2006

I am thankful that the Iraqi Resistance on the occasion of its third anniversary has invited me to speak as the voice of the international anti-imperialist movement. I feel highly honored because the Iraqi Resistance is well-known as the legitimate representative of the Iraqi people.

On behalf of the International League of Peoples' Struggle, I wish to express warmest greetings of revolutionary solidarity to the heroic Iraqi people and to the broad united front of patriotic forces in the Iraqi Resistance in the struggle for national liberation and democracy against the US-led Occupation and its local puppets.

We salute all of you for your resoluteness and bravery in combating the invaders and all their criminal collaborators. We admire all your efforts to liberate your country. We pay the highest respects to the heroes and martyrs of the resistance. We congratulate all of you for all the brilliant victories against the enemy. Because of your resistance, US imperialism finds itself in a quagmire in Iraq.

The US has been driven by its imperialist greed for your oil resources and other natural and social wealth. It has thus invaded and occupied your country on the basis of brazen lies, like Iraq has weapons of mass destruction and has relations with the alleged perpetrators of 9/11. It has arrogantly used its high-tech weaponry in a blitzkrieg of aggression to destroy the lives, livelihood, the private and public properties, the infrastructure and institutions of the Iraqi people.

But for the US imperialists to gain direct control over the oil resources and other wealth that they covet from Iraq, they must deploy their civilian and military personnel and their puppets on the ground. This is the arena where the Iraqi people and all the forces of resistance have an excellent chance of fighting and defeating the US, its criminal partners and puppets over a protracted period of time. You are invincible and victorious in a protracted people's war, involving both rural and urban guerrilla warfare in a very fluid kind of battlefield.

In their official statistics, the US imperialists keep on understating their casualties and the amount of damage made by the revolutionaries to the oil facilities and pipelines. But the American people are already disgusted by the US genocidal attacks on the Iraqi people, the gross human rights violations inflicted by the imperialists and puppets and the rising number of US casualties (even as these are understated at the moment as over 2,300 killed and over 17,000 wounded). The US is now in an absurd position of spending heavily on its war adventure, without any certainty of recouping the expenditures by profiting from Iraqi oil resources.

But the Bush regime is not giving up on its pipedream of directly owning and controlling the oil resources of Iraq and the rest of the Middle East. It continues to expand and fortify a number of military bases that are aimed at securing strategic control over Iraq and the Middle East. These military bases are intended to back up a puppet government in Iraq and to be used for large scale attacks against entire communities opposed to the US and its puppets.

The strategy of the US is to divide and rule the Iraqi people. In so many ways, the US is playing off the Shiites, the Arab Sunnis and the Kurds against each other. It also plays off the secular and religious forces as well as one religious community against another. The US expects to benefit from the communal religious strife between the Shiites and Sunnis. It has therefore instigated and directed the destruction of the Al-Ashariya shrine in Samarra in order to ignite civil war between the Shiites and Sunnis. We condemn vigorously the crimes of bloody intrigue being committed by the US.

The grand scheme of the US is to profit more by letting the oil in the north and south flow out of Iraq and make the Arab Sunnis suffer from having to import their oil requirements via expensive truck convoys and other new channels more tightly controlled by the US and the puppets. The US is pressuring and pushing the Arab Sunnis farther down the road of unemployment, poverty and misery and thereby seeking to subjugate them through economic squeeze and force of arms.

But the US cannot always have its way. The Iraqi people and a broad array of patriotic forces are uniting and resisting the foreign occupiers and their local collaborators. The broad united front includes organized forces that belong to various ideological and political persuasions, religious affiliations, nationalities and ethno-linguistic communities. All these are motivated by the patriotic will to liberate their country from the occupation and the puppets and to wage revolutionary armed struggle for the purpose.

The peoples of the world benefit from the revolutionary resistance of the Iraqi people against the No.1 imperialist and terrorist power of the world. They gain more leeway and opportunities in pursuing their own revolutionary struggles, as the US gets bogged down in Iraq and receives lethal blows from the Iraqi people. The anti-imperialist struggles of the people of the world in turn provide support to the struggle of the Iraqi people against the common enemy.

We call on all the participating organizations of the International League of Peoples' Struggle to make manifest their solidarity with and support for the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Resistance. We urge them to undertake campaigns of information and mass action in order to mobilize the people for the purpose. It is our internationalist duty to do our best in gathering moral and political support for the Iraqi people and the Iraqi Resistance.

Long live the Iraqi People and Iraqi Resistance!
Fight to the end until victory is won against US imperialism and its puppets!
Long live the spirit of revolutionary internationalism!

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