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Message to Aklat ng Bayan and Friends on the Launch of Fifth Edition of Philippine Society and Revolution

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International Coordinating Committee
International League of Peoples' Struggle
February 15, 2006

I am grateful to Aklat ng Bayan for publishing the fifth edition of Philippine Society and Revolution and to the board of directors of Aklat ng Bayan for inviting me to say a few words to all the friends and distinguished guests on the launch of this edition. I wish to convey warmest greetings of fellowship and friendship to all of you.

I agree with Aklat ng Bayan that the book must be republished everytime copies run out not only because of its historical value but also because of its continuing direct relevance to the persevering struggle of the Filipino people for national liberation and democracy against the prevalent forces of foreign monopoly capitalism, domestic feudalism and bureaucrat capitalism.

So long as the semicolonial and semifeudal system persists, one generation after another must draw enlightenment and inspiration from Philippine Society and Revolution. This book presents the historical background of the ruling system, the basic problems afflicting the Filipino people and the comprehensive solution through the people's democratic revolution.

Since the book was first published in mimeographed form in 1969, the oppressive and exploitative character and chronic crisis of the ruling system have aggravated and deepened. The local exploiting classes of big compradors and landlords and their imperialist masters never tire of oppressing and exploiting the toiling masses of workers and peasants and the middle social strata.

It is just and necessary for the broad masses of the people to rise up against their oppressors and exploiters, persevere in all forms of revolutionary struggle and fulfill the tasks of the national democratic revolution. This ongoing stage of the Philippine revolution will become a thing of the past only after it is accomplished and opens the way to a new and higher stage, that of socialism.

The proletariat and people of the world are more determined than ever before to confront imperialism, revisionism and reaction and to struggle for national liberation, democracy and socialism. They are driven by their revolutionary consciousness, suffering, urgent needs, sense of justice and aspirations for a better world. They have no choice but to resist the worsening conditions of oppression and exploitation in the crisis-stricken world capitalist system of unbridled plunder, state terrorism and aggression.

Thank you.

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