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Message of Solidarity to Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino/
the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance (UKPC/FCYA)

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman, Kabataang Makabayan
Chairperson, International League of Peoples' Struggle
September 23, 2006

I wish to convey warmest greetings of solidarity to the leadership, chapters and general membership of Ugnayan ng Kabataang Pilipino sa Canada/the Filipino Canadian Youth Alliance (UKPC/FCYA) on the occasion of your Canada-wide Filipino youth and student conference in Toronto, Ontario on September 23-24, 2006.

I commend and congratulate you for your achievements in educating, organizing and mobilizing the Filipino youth and students for community rights and welfare and for our people's struggle for national freedom and democracy. You can build on your achievements and move forward to reap still greater achievements. Your theme is apt and precise, "PAGSULONG: Filipino Youth Uniting and Advancing Our Struggles".

I am confident that your national gathering of delegations from various Filipino youth and student organizations will accomplish the objectives that you have set forth: 1. To consolidate the Filipino Canadian youth and student understanding of their history, roots of migration, struggles and current reality in Canada, 2. To advance the role of Filipino youth in the community's struggle for its rights and welfare in Canada and the Filipino people's struggle for national and social liberation and 3. To form a national organization of Filipino youth and students in Canada.

The crisis of the world capitalist system, the Canadian capitalist system and the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in the Philippines is ever worsening. The US-instigated policies of "neoliberal globalization" and "global war on terror" have escalated imperialist plunder, repression and aggression. The conditions of oppression and exploitation are graver than ever everywhere in the world. You must stand up and act in the interest of the Filipino-Canadian youth and people and in support of the Filipino people in the struggle for national liberation and democracy.

Your sense of unity, your principled conviction and your fighting morale must be strengthened by a rising level of understanding your historical origin, the causes of Filipino migration, social struggles in the Philippines and Canada and your current situation in Canada. You must develop and advance the role of the Filipino youth in the community's struggle for its rights and welfare and in the national democratic struggle of the people in the motherland. You must organize the Filipino youth and students on a Canada-wide scale to become a stronger and more effective force than if you are in separate and isolated groups.

I hope that your conference will pave the way for greater achievements in arousing, organizing and mobilizing the Filipino youth and students in Canada in the struggle for their collective benefit. At the same time, your organization must be in harmony and concert with the entire Filipino community in Canada and the Filipino people in the motherland in a common struggle for greater freedom and a better life.###

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