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I. Philippine History: Overview

    1. Scientific method of historical analysis
    2. Periodization of Philippine history (precolonial, colonial and feudal, the Philippine revolution of 1896, colonial and semifeudal, semicolonial and semifeudal, fascisation and recent developments).

II. The Philippine Economy

    1. From a feudal to semifeudal economy
    2. The current mode of production: socio-economic base
    3. Foreign monopoly capitalism and relations of exploitation
    4. The chronic and worsening crisis
    5. The progressive forces: their immediate course of action and the goal of socialism.
    6. Contrary views and responses

III. Philippine Politics

    1. From colony to neocolonial state
    2. Politics as a crucial area of conflict
    3. The reactionary forces: their line, strategy and tactics
    4. The progressive forces: their line, strategy and tactics, and socialist perspective
    5. The current state of political struggle
    6. Contrary views and responses

IV. Philippine Culture

    1. Culture as reflection of economics and politics
    2. The current culture of oppression and exploitation (the role of imperialist culture, the church, etc.)
    3. Culture with national, scientific and mass orientation
    4. The current state of the struggle in the cultural field
    5. Contrary views and responses

V. Philippine International Relations

    1. The general relationship of domestic and international conditions
    2. The international relations of the neocolonial state
    3. The international relations of the progressive forces
    4. The impact of the current international trends on the progressive forces
    5. Contrary views and responses





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