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Sino ni Jose Maria Sison?


Five-Part Series on the Life and Works of Jose Maria Sison
Published in Dangadang (revolutionary publication of Northern Luzon in Ilocano)
and in


First Part: Pamilya a Nagtaudan, Panagadal, Pannakamulat ta Marxismo
(Family Origin, Education, Awakening to Marxism), Marso 2006 issue.

Second: Part: Panagmiembro ken Risiris iti Daan a Partido, Panagpundar ti Baro
a Partido ken Rebolusyonaryo a Tignayen (Membership and Struggle in the Old Party, Founding of the New Party and Revolutionary Movement), Abril-Mayo issue, 2006

Third Part: Ima ti Cabusor, Pannakabalud, Panaglaban, Pannakaabak ni Marcos, Wayawaya (Hand of the Enemy, Imprisonement, Struggle,
Defeat of Marcos, Freedom), Hunyo 2006 issue.

Fourth Part: Propesor ti Lubong, Kaso Laban iti Diktadura a Marcos, Pangta ti Biag, Asylum (Global Professor, Case Against Marcos Dictatorship,
Threat to Life, Asylum), Hulyo 2006 issue

Fifth Part: Tiempo ti Disoryentasyon, Maikadua a Panaglinteg, Tungtongan ti Kappia, Pammabasol a Terorista, Rebolusyonaryo ket Saan a Terorista,
Agtultuloy a Panaglipit, Agtultuloy a Panaglaban, Panaglaban ti Bisyo, Mao's Way, Kumunista ken Internasyonalista (Time pf Disorientation, Second
Rectification, Peace Talks,Terrorist Labelling, A Revolutionary and Not a Terrorist, Continuous Persecution, Continuous Struggle, Mao's Way, Communist
and Internationalist), Agosto 2006 issue.