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Message of Appreciation to the Migrante Sectoral Party

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Chairman, International Network for Philippine Studies

15 December 2003

Since the Migrante Sectoral Party held its first convention and proclaimed its programme and constitution, I have always appreciated it as the party that truly represents the Filipino migrants and their family and that firmly stands for their patriotic spirit, their democratic rights and welfare.

This is a party that deserves the membership and support of the Filipino migrants and their families as well as all other Filipinos who agree that such a party must engage in an electoral struggle for realizing the representation of the Filipino migrants in the Philippine House of Representatives.

There is a crying need for the representation of the Filipino migrants in every kind of forum and avenue for upholding, defending and promoting their national and democratic rights and interests. They constitute a significant part of the Filipino nation, commonly estimated at around 10 per cent, they demonstrate to the entire world a high sense of responsibility, competence and industriousness and they contribute annually to the national coffers a huge amount of foreign exchange.

Those candidates in the list of the Migrante Sectoral Party can best represent the Filipino migrants. They are themselves migrant workers, who have a long track record of defending the Filipino migrant workers in various countries against the excessive impositions, extractions and negligence of the Manila government, against exploitative contracts, contract violations and all kinds of abuses by foreign employers and against discrimination and exploitativeness of foreign governments.

I am confident that in its second national convention the Migrante Sectoral Party shall be able to review its principles and objectives, assess and evaluate the situation and prospects for the forthcoming elections and define a campaign plan and the tasks for its successful implementation.

I presume that you have mapped out the foreign countries and cities where the Filipino migrants abound and that you have also traced the Philippine regions, provinces, cities and towns where they come from mostly. It is but natural to expect that the sectoral approach in campaigning for votes will be most effective where the Filipino migrants and their families are.

Your potential for vote gathering can be increased by mastering the tactics and techniques of mass campaign. You must skilfully deploy your campaigners and use traditional and modern methods of communication. You must be able to call the attention of the public in general to your good cause. And you must be able to work out concrete agreements of mutual support with your allies.

I wish your second national convention the utmost success. I hope that your party will wage a successful campaign and will be able to place in Congress three honorable, patriotic and progressive representatives of Filipino migrants and their families in Congress.#

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