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Message to the Institute for Nationalist Studies and the Forum-Cultural Event in Tribute to the  Great Mao

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
General Consultant
International League of People’s Struggle

September 26, 2003

I am deeply pleased to be informed that the Institute for Nationalist Studies is holding a forum and cultural performances to celebrate the revolutionary legacy of the great communist Mao Zedong and to mark the tenth anniversary of the Mao international seminar of 1993 which I had the good fortune to chair in Germany.

Let me express my appreciation for the exponents of revolutionary education and culture in the Institute for Nationalist Studies and all the participants and special guests in the current happy occasion. By way of contributing to the celebration, may I suggest that you reproduce and read the General Declaration on Mao Zedong Thought of 1993 and the poem, "The Giant Oak".

I stand in solidarity with you in looking up to the great teacher Mao as the ever shining source of wisdom, courage and optimism in the national democratic and socialist stages of the Philippine revolution. Because of Mao, we have a clear vision of a bright future for our nation and all mankind, where class oppression and exploitation is vanished upon the global defeat of imperialism, revisionism and reaction.

I admire the perseverance and successes of the institute in undertaking educational activities, such as seminars, fora and publications. You have a fine tradition of harmonizing the works of Filipino revolutionary leaders with those of great revolutionary leaders abroad. You tread the revolutionary way of combining patriotism and internationalism.

I welcome the year-long educational and cultural festival launched by the institute in order to conjoin the Filipino people’s revolutionary struggle for national liberation and democracy with all other revolutionary struggles of the people of world for national independence, democracy, socialism, progress and peace against imperialism and all reaction.

I wish the institute to achieve greater successes in raising the revolutionary consciousness of the Filipino youth. Thus, the youth can become a more purposive and more potent force for invigorating the revolutionary movement of the Filipinbo people.

The ever worsening crisis of the world capitalist system and the domestic ruling system demands the youth to be aroused, organized and mobilized as never before. The intolerable suffering of the youth and the entire people necessitates their firm resolve and vigorous struggle in order to achieve their own national and social liberation.#

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