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Photo of Jose Maria Sison, taken during one of the military commission hearings in 1981.
It is the basis of the portrait used in the first edition of Prison and Beyond, the book of poems
which won for Sison the SEA Write Award in 1986.

  1. Prof. Jose Maria Sison on Literature and Commitment
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  1. Literature and Committment

  2. On Jose Maria Sison as Poet

  1. Selected Poems

  1. The Guerrilla is Like a Poet
    Ang Gerilya ay Tulad ng Makata

  2. Fragments
    Mga Piraso ng Bangungot

  3. The Coming of the Rain

  4. The Central Plains

  5. Dew Drops And Red Rose

  6. Sometimes, the Heart Yearns for Mangoes
    Minsa’y Sabik ang Puso sa Mangga

  7. The Giant Oak

  8. The Bladed Poem
    Ang Tulang May Talim

  9. The Forest Is Still Enchanted
    Nakakabighani pa ang Gubat

  10. In the Dark Depths

  11. Papuri sa mga Martir

  12. Ang Pagiging Bayani

  13. Lagi Akong Kasama Ninyo

  14. Ang Higanteng Roble


  1. Critical Reviews

  1. Beyond Autobiography, by Bienvenido Lumbera

  2. Beyond Transcendence Toward Incarnation: The Poetry of Jose Maria Sison, by Prof. E. San Juan

  3. Politics as Faith, by Alfredo Navarro Salanga

  4. From Literature to Revolution, by Petronilo Bn. Daroy

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